Learn English with Arif

*Contoh-contoh kalimat aktif dan pasif:

Arif sings a song (active)
A song is sung by Arif (Passive)

Arif sang a song yesterday (active)
A song was sung by Arif yesterday (passive)

Arif has sung a song (active)
A song has been sung by Arif (passive)

Arif will sing a song (active)
A song will be sung by Arif (passive)

Arif is singing a song (active)
A song is being sung by Arif (passive)

Arif can sing a song (active)
A song can be sung by Arif (passive)

1. Whatcha (what are you): Whatcha going to do?
2. Gonna (going to): Whatcha gonna do?
3. Wanna (want to/a): Do you wanna coffee?
4. Gimme (give me): Can you gimme a hand?
5. Gotta (have got to/a): I gotta gun.
6. Kinda (kind of): She’s kinda cute.
7. Lemme (let me): Lemme go.
8. Dunno (don’t know): I dunno what to do.
9. Ya (you): Who saw ya?
10. Cmon (come on): Cmon, baby.

1. S’more (some more): I want s’more money.
2. Musta (must have): You musta pen.
3. Mighta (might have): He mighta gone.
4. Hafta (have to): I hafta go.
5. Hasta (has to): She hasta do it.
6. Hadta (had to): They hadta get down.
7. Useta (use to): We useta walk in the morning.
8. Dya (do you): Dya know who I am?
9. Didja (did you): Didja go there?
10. Couldja (could you): Couldja come down a bit?

-Against The Clock: Bergegas dan pendek pada waktu.
-A Leopard Can’t Change His Spots: Anda tidak dapat mengubah siapa Anda.
-Hold Your Horses: Bersabarlah.
-Out Of The Blue: Sesuatu yang tiba-tiba dan tak terduga terjadi.
-Queer the pitch: Menghancurkan atau merusak rencana.
-Rise and Shine: Waktu untuk keluar dari tempat tidur dan bersiap-siap untuk bekerja / sekolah.
-Under the weather: Merasa sakit atau sakit.
-When Pigs Fly : Sesuatu yang tidak akan pernah terjadi.
-On Pins And Needles: Cemas atau gugup, terutama dalam mengantisipasi sesuatu.

*Common Error.

-Don’t say: His English knowledge is poor.
Say: His knowledge in English is poor.
-Don’t say: He is my cousin brother.
Say: He is my cousin.
-Don’t say: Why he went there?
Say: Why did he go there?
-Don’t say: Sathi cannot help laugh.
Say: Sathi cannot help laughing.
-Don’t say: He is confident to get a scholarship.
Say: He is confident of getting a scholarship.
-DON’T SAY: I am confused of writing this sentence.
SAY: I am confused about how to write this sentence.
-DON’T SAY: The computer system was switched off by error.
SAY: The computer system was switched off in error (=by mistake).
-DON’T SAY: They have no house to live.
SAY: They have no house to live in.
-DON’T SAY: Do you know who am I?
SAY: Do you know who I am?



Author: A. Syahertian

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7 thoughts on “Learn English with Arif”

  1. thanks for sharing šŸ™‚
    btw, i have an english blog, filled with so many gramatical error. would you mind to correct them?? hahahahay
    *bner kaga nih yah kata2 gueh xD

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